Sucess Coaching

Success Coaching Supports Your Personal Development, Well-being and Academic Success

We believe that all students are capable of developing the capacity to be successful learners. Students who are interested in taking action towards enhancing their resilience and well-being and achieving their academic goals are encouraged meet with our Success Coach.

Collaborate to gain support for personal & professional development and improving self-regulation of learning, well-being and success.

There are several ways to meet: in-person, by phone or web-video conference (Zoom). 

  • The Success Coach is located in Building 250 room 224
  • Wednesday mornings, however, she is in Building 190 room 118
  • See the campus map.
  • Appointments are available Monday to Friday
Take advantage of a variety of workshops.


Learn to leverage your strengths and shift from self-limiting beliefs to choice and empowerment

Check out the benefits and impacts of connecting with VIU's Success Coach.


Click the link below to login and book an appointment:

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