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Vancouver Island University
Centre for Experiential Learning

900 Fifth Street
Bldg. 255, Rm. 206
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5

General Inquiries

Work-Integrated Learning; Off-campus student employment

Phone: 250-740-6639

Co-Curricular Record


Danielle Johnsrude

Director, Student Engagement and Experiential Learning
Phone: 250-729-5277
Building 255, Room 223

Student Engagement

Telanie Moolman

Assistant, Office of Co-Curricular Engaement & Learning

Building 310, Room 125

Omar Karim

Office of Co-Curricular Engagement & Learning

Building, 310 Room 125

Shelley-Anne Gajda

Peer Supported Learning

Building 310, Room 123

Jonah Ferguson

Employer and Student Engagement Coordinator

Building 255, Room 125

Support Staff

Sharon Milligan

Experiential Learning Assistant / Peer Supported Learning Program Assistant

Building 255, Room 206

Tawnya Hoff

Experiential Learning Program Assistant / Senior System Administrator CareerVIU

Building 255, Room 204

Work-Integrated Learning Faculty

Brook Pearce

Recreation & Tourism Management

Building 250, Room 334

Lynda Robinson

Hospitality Management, and Upper-Level Internship

Building 250, Room 334

Alex Bowman

Culinary Arts

Building 255, Room 221

Alexis Beaubier

Graphic Design, Interior Design, Sport, Health and Physical Education

Building 255, Room 221

Lina Guo

Computing Science, Engineering, Criminology, Geography

Building 255, Room 219

MBA Work-integrated Learning Faculty

Colleen Janssen Hood

Work-Integrated Learning Faculty

Building 250, Room 354

Crystal Lee

Work-Integrated Learning Faculty, Community Engagement

Local: 2191
Building 250, Room 310

Cynthia Lange

Work-Integrated Learning Faculty

Building 250, Room 310

Terri Duguay

Work Integrated Learning Faculty

Local: 2349
Building 250, Room 354