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Vancouver Island University
Centre for Experiential Learning

900 Fifth Street
Bldg. 255, Rm. 206
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5

General Inquiries

Work-Integrated Learning; Off-campus student employment

Phone: 250-740-6639

Co-Curricular Record


Danielle Johnsrude

Director, Student Engagement and Experiential Learning
Phone: 250-729-5277
Building 255, Room 223

Student Engagement

Jamie MacFarlane

Assistant, Office of Co-Curricular Engaement & Learning

Building 310, Room 109

Omar Karim

Office of Co-Curricular Engagement & Learning

Building, 310 Room 125

Shelley-Anne Gajda

Peer Supported Learning

Phone: 250.740.6580
Building 310, Room 123

Support Staff

Lillian Morpak

Experiential Learning Assistant / Peer Supported Learning Program Assistant

Phone: 250.740.6639
Building 255, Room 206

Tawnya Hoff

Experiential Learning Program Assistant / Senior System Administrator CareerVIU

Building 250, Room 312

Work-Integrated Learning Faculty

Brook Pearce

Recreation & Tourism Management

Building 250, Room 334

Lynda Robinson

Hospitality Management, and Upper-Level Internship

Phone: 250.740.6428
Building 250, Room 334

Alex Bowman

Culinary Arts

Building 255, Room 221

Alexis Beaubier

Graphic Design, Interior Design, Sport, Health and Physical Education

Phone: 220.740.6421
Building 255, Room 221

David Woodward

Computing Science, Engineering, Criminology, Geography

Phone: 250.740.6168
Building 255, Room 219

MBA Work-integrated Learning Faculty

Cynthia Lange (On leave)

Work Integrated Learning Faculty, Community Engagement

Phone: 250.618.2901
Building 250, Room 310

Nattalle Tessier

Work-Integrated Learning Faculty

Phone: 250.740.6574
Building 250, Room 354

Selena Martin

Work Integrated Learning Faculty

Local: 2349
Building 250, Room 354